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Which State Is the Best to Buy a Rental Property In?

February 22, 2023

Buying an investment property can be an excellent method for generating passive income and accumulating long-term wealth. Choosing the best state to buy a rental property in; however, can be a challenging task. Many variables should be considered, including rental demand, the local real estate market, landlord-tenant laws, and property taxes.

In this blog, we’ll touch on a few states that are popular amongst landlords and outline the benefits and drawbacks of each. Let’s get started!

The Search for the Best State to Buy a Rental Property

With this comprehensive guide, you may explore investment opportunities and determine the best state to acquire a rental property.


Florida is considered one of the most desirable states for landlords. The state’s tropical climate and abundance of beaches make it an appealing spot for both retirees and tourists. Furthermore, the state’s economy is robust, with numerous employment opportunities in areas like tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture. Rental properties in Florida are in high demand, and rental rates are also relatively expensive.


  1. High demand for rental properties: As Florida’s population grows, so does the demand for rental properties.
  2. Robust economy with a diverse job market: Florida’s economy is expanding, which means there are more work opportunities available.
  3. Favorable landlord-tenant laws: Florida’s rental laws tend to favor landlords, making managing your rental property much easier.
  4. No state income tax: Since Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, you can save money.
  5. Lower property taxes: Florida’s property taxes may be lower than in other states.


  1. High property insurance rates: You’ll find that insuring your rental property in Florida may be costly due to the frequent tropical storms.
  2. Increased competition: Competition among landlords can be fierce as many people are investing in rental properties in Florida.


Texas is another popular state for rental property owners. The state’s economy is strong, with a growing number of job opportunities drawing in a significant amount of people to Texas. Rental properties are in high demand, with many people preferring to rent instead of buy. Rental rates are also relatively high in cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas.


  1. Strong economy with diverse job opportunities: Texas’s economy is expanding, thus there are many work opportunities available.
  2.  No state income tax: Because Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, you’ll be able to save some money.
  3. Favorable landlord-tenant laws: The state is considered landlord-friendly, which makes it easier to manage your property.


  1. High property taxes: As compared to other states, property taxes in Texas are fairly expensive.
  2. High property insurance rates: In Texas, some coastal areas are vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding, which can raise the cost of property insurance. This is similar to Florida, where hurricane and flooding threats are greater.


With its warm temperatures and somewhat inexpensive cost of living, Arizona is a popular destination for many. There are numerous job opportunities due to the state’s robust economy, which includes sectors like agriculture, oil, and tourism. Rental rates are relatively high in Arizona due to the state’s high demand for rental homes.


  1. Low property taxes: The state of Arizona has relatively low property taxes compared to most of the country.
  2. State income taxes: Although Arizona levies state income taxes, residents are subject to a single tax rate, which is applied to all taxpayers regardless of income.
  3. High demand for rental properties: Arizona has a high demand for rental properties, especially in cities like Phoenix and Tuscon.
  4. Landlord-friendly: The state is considered landlord-friendly due to its low property taxes and eviction laws.


  1. High competition: With so many people investing in rental homes in Arizona, competition amongst landlords can be fierce.


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