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Easy Ways to Increase Your Property Value

February 2, 2022

Purchasing a property is a huge milestone you should celebrate. One of the best things about a home is once you sell it in the future you can make your money back plus some! You can do so by making changes and upgrades that boost your home’s value. The following methods can increase your property value and make it worthwhile to sell in the future.

Methods to Increase Your Property Value

The following are the best ways to increase your home’s value.

Upgrade to High-Demand Finishes

Incorporating modern designs and high-demand finishes is a great way to ensure your home’s value remains competitive in today’s market. This can include installing quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. These finishes are in high demand compared to others.

Even simple upgrades like switching out your brass doorknobs, yellow light bulbs, and the hardware on your cabinets can make a difference. These options are also very cost-effective. 

Investing in these high-quality finishes can improve your property’s overall value in the long run.

Add Eco-Friendly Features

High energy costs are a common issue for most homeowners. Most new home buyers want to invest their money in a home that provides energy-efficient options. For example, you can invest in eco-friendly and energy-efficient options for your microwave and furnace. Doing so can lower your gas and electricity bills.

Similarly, installing a smart thermostat in your home can help conserve energy and lower your utility bill every month. With the use of a smart thermostat, you can control the temperature from your phone. The system also keeps track of your daily routine and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Spruce up the Yard

You may not be aware but your property’s exterior has a huge impact on its value. The outside of the home sets the tone for the rest of the house and can make or break a first impression. Therefore, you should focus on improving your property’s curb appeal.

Easy ways to do this are by painting, decorating, and planting. It’s also important to regularly mow your lawn and take care of your weeds. Maintaining your property’s appearance may require tedious tasks like trimming branches or raking leaves, but it will pay off in the long run.

Update your Bathrooms and Kitchen

Typically the bathrooms and kitchen are the main selling points in a house. These rooms become outdated the quickest since they contain major appliances, decor, and finishes. New trends happen all the time, so it’s wise to stay on top of this.

So, we suggest you check out simple, yet modern options for upgrading your bathrooms and kitchen to make them look more up to date.

Increase the Finished Square Footage in Your Home

If your property has unfinished areas such as the basement, we suggest finishing off these spaces. Doing so can be an inexpensive way to boost your property value. This is because typically the more square feet your home has, the more it’s worth. Oftentimes homes are priced by factoring in the finished square footage of your home.

By finishing your basement or a couple of rooms you could easily add several hundred square feet to your home.

Bottom Line

Increasing property value isn’t difficult with the right steps. By adding square footage to your home, upgrading your bathrooms and kitchen, improving your curb appeal, and installing energy-efficient features you can increase your home’s value.