hotel owner tips

Hotel Owner Tips

April 6, 2022

The great thing about working in the hospitality industry is the unlimited opportunities. Being a hotel owner is one of the most popular careers in the industry. However, to be successful you must stand out against your competition and create valuable customer experiences. There are numerous ways you can go about it and we understand how overwhelming it can be.

So, to point you in the right direction we’re discussing our top hotel owner tips. Let’s begin.

Hotel Owner Tips

1.      Choose the Right Location

If you want to purchase a hotel then you must choose the right location. Your success in the hotel industry depends mainly on your location. However, that’s the difficult part since there’s no clear-cut answer to what the best location is. Therefore, if you’re lost and don’t know where to start your search then you can turn to local tourism statistics.

When it comes to location, you have to consider various factors, such as:

  • Accessibility to the airport and interstate
  • The number of domestic travelers vs. international ones 
  • Tourists or people traveling for work?
  • Nearby food and gas
  • Any attractions close by? 

To simplify things, you should create a hotel management business plan. A business plan will keep you organized and allow you to work towards your goal and vision.

2.      Generate More Leads

Once you choose your location, you need to market your hotel so it will be discoverable. You’ll have to spend time and money promoting your hotel on a variety of platforms, such as booking sites and social media.

You can do this by partnering with booking websites and travel agencies. This way they can distribute and promote your content throughout their website. Also, take advantage of social media and put up some paid ads and posts. The more active you are the more likely people will discover you.

These days you can’t solely rely on customer word of mouth!

3.      Keep an Eye on Your Reviews

Reviews play a big role in the success of your hotel. These days everyone refers to a company’s reviews before purchasing or using their product or service. If you have several bad reviews this can deter potential guests from staying at your property.

If you happen to receive negative reviews, do all that you can to make it right. For example, call them and give them a refund or discount on a future booking. If you address their complaints promptly then they may agree to take down the review.

These reviews are also a great way to receive honest feedback. Take your guests’ suggestions and complaints as a way to improve your customer experience.

4.      Improve Your Customer Experience

Today’s hotel management goes far beyond just room service and providing accommodations. Today, customers want a positive overall experience. To offer them exceptional service, you have to understand their expectations and needs.

You can attract travelers by having desirable amenities, quick check-in processes, and on-site breakfast.

5.      Have Great Communication

Communication among your staff and management is crucial to reducing errors. You can educate your staff and managers on ways to improve communication and ask for feedback.

When everyone’s on the same page you’re able to work towards a common goal, which is providing an optimal customer experience. By promoting better communication among your staff, you can turn your new guests into loyal ones.


We understand it’s not easy being a hotel owner; however, these tips should provide you with the stepping stones you need to be successful.