secure your rental property

How to Secure Your Rental Property

January 20, 2022

Owning a rental property is a huge responsibility considering the amount of risk involved. Since a rental is typically inhabited by someone other than yourself, you can’t always rely on a tenant to take proper safety precautions. For example, someone could forget to lock the front door to your rental and a robbery occurs.

Therefore, installing a security system and other safety devices can help keep your mind at ease. Luckily, there are several effective yet affordable options for securing your rental. Let’s begin.

Tips to Secure Your Rental Property

Use Security Cameras

Ever wonder who’s at your door before you even get up to see? With the help of security cameras or a Ring doorbell, you can view the live feed from your smartphone.

We suggest installing a camera in the front and back of your rental property. This will help your tenant know who’s there without compromising their security. Even if your tenant isn’t home they can get alerts on their phone whenever there’s activity near one of the outdoor cameras.

Secure Your Patio and Doors

Unfortunately, having a sliding glass door makes it easier for unwanted visitors to enter your property. We suggest you have your tenants use a security bar, which will prevent the door from being opened even if it’s unlocked. These devices can be purchased at just about any hardware store for 20 bucks.

Also, we suggest taking the proper precautions for your second-story balconies as well. Even though you may not see it as a risk, you never know what lengths someone is willing to go to. A thief may attempt to climb up to the second story to access the property.

Adding an automatic door lock could also be an option to keep your rental property secured.

Use a Door Stop Alarm

Door stop alarms are a great way to notify yourself if someone manages to open the door. It’s an inexpensive and effective tool that your tenant can use around the property. If it’s set off, a loud alarm will alert you of an intruder. Moreover, this device is portable, so you can install it just about anywhere you want.

Install Window Alarms

Most burglars try to enter a property through a window if they’ve exhausted their other options. While locking your windows is a good way to ensure you stay safe, we suggest you install window alarms as well. These alarms will alert you if anyone ends up opening the window.

Most are easy to install, small, and produce a high-pitched alert that will catch anyone’s attention. Also, they’re super affordable. Therefore, these alarms can act as a deterrent and an alert system for your rental property.

Call Your Local Law Enforcement

If you’re a new landlord or worry about trespassers, call your local police station. You can ask a police officer to inspect your property and check for potential areas of your home that need improvement. They’ll also suggest the best ways to deter a thief from wanting to enter your home, to begin with.

Moreover, they can give you insight into criminal activity in the area and help you secure your property accordingly.

Summing Up

Securing your rental property is the best way to keep your investment and tenants safe. Before your tenant moves in, discuss with them the safety measures you want them to take and make them aware of any cameras or alarms you’ve installed.