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Pest Prevention Tips for Your Rental Property

January 18, 2022

Pest infestations are a serious concern for the majority of property owners.  Such as, pests can pose a threat to the structure of your home and decrease its value.

Having reoccurring problems with pests invading your property could lead to tenant retention issues. As a rental property owner, it’s your job to keep your property pest-free. By doing this your tenants will be happier and more likely to renew their lease.

Therefore, you should check out our tips on how to prevent pests from invading your rental property.

Pest Prevention Tips

Educate Your Tenants on Pest Prevention

Your property can be invaded by pests if your tenant neglects to take care of it. Therefore, it’s essential to educate your new tenant on pest prevention. This includes informing them on the different kinds of pests and how to prevent them. Unfortunately, an invasion can cause your property to sustain damage and depreciate.

Therefore, you should encourage your tenant to:

  • Clean regularly
  • Close the garbage bin
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers
  • Throw away trash
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Notify you if there’s any standing water around the property

Regularly Inspect the Property for Pests

No matter how reliable your tenant is, you shouldn’t have them bear all the responsibility. As a landlord, you’re responsible for making sure your property is well maintained.

You should inspect the property for potential pest infestations and take necessary action quickly. Therefore, inspections need to happen once every few months.

The inspection checklist will vary depending on the property, but the following is a general list you can refer to:

  • Check for cracks in the walls, floor, and foundation
  • Remove any clutter outside or in the common areas
  • Make sure the garbage bin lids are closed and secure
  • Check for any standing water around the property
  • Ensure the sump pump works

Get Your Property Exterminated Regularly

Hiring an exterminator is a great way to prevent pests from invading your home. Once you hire a pest control company, they’ll come out quarterly and spray the inside and outside of your property. This is because after a few months the chemical’s effects wear off, which can leave your property exposed to invading pests.

After the extermination, keep your animals and children away from the areas that were sprayed for at least a day.

Bottom Line

Preventing pests from invading your rental property requires constant care and vigilance. You need to hire an exterminator, inspect the property regularly, and educate your tenants on proper pest prevention.