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Top 13 Cities in the U.S. for Real Estate Investment

August 6, 2021

Interestingly, if you want to invest in real estate, you don’t necessarily have to invest in the state you live in. The expansive real estate market allows you to invest in properties even halfway across the country. Here are the top 13 cities in the U.S. you should consider investing in.

Top 13 US Cities for Real Estate Investment

Atlanta, Georgia

With a 43.5 percent homeownership rate, Atlanta offers incredible business opportunities in the real estate market. The average home value in the city is $313,000 which is higher than other cities, but benefits a larger rental market. This offers investors a great return on investment.

Houston, Texas

The city has a large pool of renters. It’s a popular area for entrepreneurs and business professionals, benefitting today’s economy.

Houston also has a low unemployment rate, which is also a plus for real estate professionals as they don’t have to worry about vacancies.

Tampa, Florida

A hot spot for investors, Tampa topped as the best investment city in the US. The beautiful place has affordable homes and amazing places to visit, making it a favorite among tourists. Many people come to this city for business and rent homes for a few years.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The city is much more than just a tourist spot. Many real estate investors are making the most of affordable housing and a booming economy. Vegas has experienced an incredible increase in property value. That means you can benefit from price appreciation once you buy a property.

Dallas, Texas

The diverse population and economy in Dallas make it an ideal place for your real estate investment. With 1.3 million people, Dallas is a low-cost place to buy a home. As a result, hundreds of people go here in search of a permanent home.

Orlando, Florida

Famous for Disney World, Orlando has increased its population tremendously, making it an affordable place to settle down and invest in the housing market.

Colorado Springs, Co

Colorado has seen a significant rise in job growth over the years and has become the hottest place to purchase investment properties.

Charlotte, NC

The average cost of homes in Charlotte is around $287,000 and is one of the places entrepreneurs consider a dream city to live in. This increases the city’s value as an investment hub for real estate.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, as a profitable place, attracts many professionals just starting out. The city is known for its impeccable healthcare system and draws in thousands of people who need good hospitals. It offers investors an ideal opportunity to provide them the house they need.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The home of the soft pretzels, cheesesteak, and the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, is a current hotspot for real estate investing. The city has numerous areas with condos prime for rebuilding that make it a wonderful city for investment opportunities.

San Antonio, Texas

This mission city has a fast-growing population due to job stability. This fact makes it the eleventh best city in the U.S. for real estate investing.

Baltimore, Maryland

The revitalization efforts in Baltimore are bringing people back in. They look for new homes with comfortable amenities. It’s a stable choice for many white-collar people moving in and finding homes.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle offers everything you look for when picking the best city for real estate investing. From huge tech companies to modern amenities, the city can make life easier for homebuyers. The convenience and easy access to places are some of the reasons people like to stay in the city.

Summing Up

Overall, real estate is one of the appealing asset classes for investors. It’s an excellent opportunity to generate recurrent income from rental properties. The success of your investment properties is greatly dependent on the location. The given options are great to start your real estate investment plan.

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