tenant complaints

How to Deal with Tenant Complaints

March 23, 2022

Being a landlord isn’t easy since you have to deal with numerous issues along the way. A constant worry of a landlord is keeping their tenants happy. An easy way to do so is by addressing tenant complaints quickly. Remember, happy tenants are more likely to stay longer and treat your property with care.

Unfortunately, if issues are unresolved then you’re going to be stuck with an unhappy tenant and even a lawsuit. So, to be a good landlord you need to stay on top of complaints, no matter how minuscule they are.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top tenant complaints and how you can address each. Let’s begin.

Tenant Complaints You Should Address Quickly

Lack of Privacy

Although you’re the landlord and own the property, you have to respect your tenants’ privacy. We understand as the property owner you’ll want to check on the space every so often. However, it’s important to understand that continuous visits, especially unannounced ones, are the fastest ways to anger your tenants. In fact, in most states you must notify your tenants in advance before dropping in and there’s a limit on how often you can do so. 

The best way to deal with this complaint is by checking local rent laws. Check how many times you can visit the property and how much of a notice you have to give. By obeying the legal limit you won’t get yourself into any trouble and your tenants will feel a sense of privacy.

Loud Neighbors

Loud neighbors are possibly the most common complaint that tenants will have. The neighbors might throw loud parties or shout often. Regardless of the type of noise your tenants are hearing, you want to address the issue quickly.

If the nosy neighbors are also your tenants then the easiest solution here is to have a chat with them. You can tell them if they don’t change their behavior they’ll be evicted or you won’t renew their lease.

However, if they aren’t your tenants then you can go talk with them and file a noise complaint if they continue.

Unaddressed Maintenance Issues

Another common complaint most tenants have is maintenance issues not being resolved. If you fail to address maintenance problems then you’ll have an upset tenant or a possible lawsuit on your hands. Not to mention, issues that go unresolved can turn into big costly ones later on.

The simple solution is to address maintenance problems quickly and give your tenant a timeframe on when they can expect it to be fixed. Another suggestion is having an online portal where tenants can submit maintenance requests easily.


No one enjoys discovering they have a pest infestation in their home. Not only do roaches, insects, and mice make your tenants unhappy but they can also cause extensive property damage. If you don’t address your pest situation promptly then you risk losing your tenant and getting yourself into some legal trouble.

It’s actually a violation to not address pest-related issues since they pose health risks to your tenants.

Therefore, to address this complaint before it gets any worse you need to call an exterminator. You should also have a pest control service where they come over every so often to treat the home.


Finding good tenants can be very difficult, so you want to make an effort to keep the ones you currently have happy. And one of the quickest ways to keep them happy is by addressing tenant complaints quickly and effectively.